Relationship with GOD

Meditation has been described as the process in which I listen to God.� In contrast to that, prayer is sometimes described as the process when I speak to God.� To speak to God is very important, but it is also important to let the mind become quiet, stable and open to receive whatever God wishes […]

SUN – The Eye Of The World

By Sri Swami Krishnananda In Sanskrit, Makara Sankranti means the time when the sun crosses the tropic of Capricorn. The day is of special significance to all those leading the spiritual life and mention has been made of this commencement of this new period in such scriptures as the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. The […]

Who Is the Greatest God?

Rivalries abound in the world, even among Hindus, who occasionally vie for the supremacy of their Deity: Vishnu or Siva – The Discourses of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami Have you ever heard a discussion between two or more Hindus as to who is greater, Vishnu or Siva? As is the case with many philosophical issues in […]

God the Mother

The Dance of the Cosmic Gods by Sri Chinmoy The Mother Divine is the Divine in its feminine aspect. Very often we say that it is easier to please our mother than our father in the physical world. This truth is also applicable in the spiritual world. True, the Mother and the Father do everything […]

Alice In Wonderland

By Sri Swami Krishnananda We have an inveterate obsession in our minds which prevents us almost entirely from conceiving the goal of life as a practical reality. For us, the goal mostly remains as a kind of concept and an idea, an ideal which is not easily reconcilable with the hard realities of the workaday […]

Introduction to God

By Sri Swami Sivananda Who is God? What is God? Is there a God? Where is God? How to realise God? Man wants an answer to these eternal questions. Certainly there is God. God exists. He is the only reality. God is your creator, saviour, and redeemer. He is all-pervading. He dwells in your heart. […]