Goswami Tulsidasji

Pujya Pad Goswami Tulsidasji was born on the 7th day of Shravan Shukla (August) in 1554 A.D. He was born in the Rajapur District Banda (near Prayag), India to Atma Ram and Hulsi Dubey. Tulsidasji�s birth was considered to be very unusual. It is said that Tulsidasji was born after a 12-month pregnancy, and instead […]

Sri Rama

Rama was Lord Hari Himself incarnate on earth for the destruction of Ravana. He was well accomplished, beautiful and endowed with royal marks. He was the foremost of those who were skilled in the use of bows and arrows. He was born of the Ikshvaku line. He had his sway all over the world. He […]


Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram SALUTATIONS to Lord Rama, an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is measureless, who is of the nature of pure Consciousness and bliss, who is the consort of Sita, Master of Sri Hanuman, and the Lord of the three worlds, who took His birth at His own will […]