Geeta Jayanti is an important Hindu festival. According to ancient scriptures, Geeta is considered to be very important. Geeta Jayanti will be celebrated from Mon 27th to Wed 29th November, 2017. Geeta originated on Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha month in Kurukshetra. During Mahabharata, Lord Krishna guided Arjuna in the right direction. Whatever he narrated came to be known as Geeta. Geeta is a source of immense knowledge for mankind. It comprises of eighteen chapters.

Lord Krishna explained the importance of Karma to Arjuna. He told Arjuna about the difference between right and wrong. Besides Geeta Jayanti, Mokshda Jayanti is also celebrated on Ekadashi of Margashirsha Shukla Paksha. It is believed that a person keeping a fast on this day attains salvation.

Bhagvad Geeta should be read on this day. Flowers should be used and Geeta should be worshipped. Lord Vishnu should also be worshipped. It is believed that a person doing so is freed of all his sins. Such a person is blessed by the Lord. Worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day provides a person with immense knowledge and peace of mind.

Geeta Jayanti Story

Geeta explains the importance of Karma in life. It is still as important and popular as it was in ancient times. Lord Krishna’s thoughts and knowledge have been explained in a very simple way. Importance of soul has also been stated in this holy book.

Lord Krishna tried to eliminate confusion from Arjuna’s mind. He tried to guide him towards a righteous path. Lord Krishna explained that every human being is associated with Karma. He has to choose a path in life. Lord Krishna also explained the concept of soul to Arjuna. This laid the foundation of Geeta.

Geeta Jayanti Importance

Geeta explains the importance of soul and Lord. Arjuna was able to acquire immense knowledge from Lord Krishna. This helped in eliminating all kinds of doubts from Arjuna’s mind. Geeta provides immense knowledge to mankind. It explains the concept of soul and guides a person in the right direction. Acquiring this knowledge may help a person to free himself from all kinds of material desires.

People are associated with lust, desires and luxuries in present times. People are selfish and think about competing with others. Geeta may help in guiding us towards the light and truth. Geeta explains that a person can not attain salvation or peace of mind till he is surrounded by fear, selfishness, anger, desires, lust etc.