Continuing its relentless efforts for the benefit of mankind Voice of the Vedas Cultural Sabha Inc. had launched Global Care Outreach Program in 2011. This program conceptualized and successfully launched the Doobay Renal Center in Guyana. This renal center is now treating patients on a regular basis.

The Need

Dialysis is the process by which the blood is purified in cases of kidney failure. Of the estimated 700,000 population of Guyana and its neighbors Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados, the number of persons in need of hemodialysis is between 700 and 800. In Guyana the average cost of dialysis is $180US per session and a person with renal failure would require three sessions. The Government of Guyana (GoG) covers costs for the first 10 sessions; thereafter, patients must meet costs. Many patients die because of lack of finances to pay for dialysis services.

Our Achievement

We have spent over 100k and setup a building in Annandale on the east coast of Demerara. The dialysis machines are setup and our objective is to ensure that dialysis is provided to everyone who needs it, regardless of race, religion and ability to pay. We provide dialysis at a reasonable cost of $75 US (appx) per session and free of cost to those genuinely in need but cannot afford it.

Future Plans

The government has announced the opening of a dialysis unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Dr. Budhendra Doobay, President of the Doobay Renal Center Inc. has generously donated two dialysis machines to the GPHC similar to the ten located at the Doobay Renal Center. We will be teaching and training for nurses of the GPHC in anticipation for the launch of its dialysis unit. The Doobay Renal Centre Inc. will keep offering its assistance to the Government to support its similar initiatives in the future. We are committed to strengthen dialysis services for all those in need at affordable or at no cost.

While 30 percent of the national budget has been going to the social services since 1992, we are aware that the Government on its own cannot realize the full potential without partnership. Therefore we extend our cooperation and help our society in need.