The Laxmi Sabha (TLS) comprises a dedicated group of ladies at the Vishnu Mandir. This dynamic group work in unison towards the enrichment of women, children, youths and seniors in the community; supporting other VOV units and activities ranging from religious, educational to charitable. Created since the temple’s inception in 1977, the group continues to be strong with current membership of thirty. As of June 2014, V. Janty Ramkumar leads the group as President; with Sabrina Itwarie as Coordinator, Shama Singh as Advisor and Rohini Sanichar as Treasurer.

TLS members are active program leaders in the summer camp, Bal-Vihaar classes, inter-faith symposiums, youth conferences, field trips, health seminars, religious lectures, motivational workshops, melas, dinners, high tea, other celebrations, fund raisers and charitable events. The successes of the aforementioned programs at the mandir are highly dependent on TLS which means that our sustainability is quintessential. Our vision is clear:

“To grow our membership and strength parallel to the mandir; empowering current members, increasing diversity and inclusivity, year over year to be sustainable for the very long term.”

As TLS continues to accomplish the current objectives, in line with VOV, we anticipate other fun activities in the form of fun and retreats for our members’ wellness, extending to our seniors, children, teens and youths. We value youths’ relationship seeing a benefit to help build a strong youth group, by empowering them and gaining their trust; to accomplish an easy youth transition into future loyal and valued TLS or executive members to manage and build their temple. As ambassador to Vishnu Mandir, TLS decision is to make a concerted effort to take its success and volunteer outside the mandir, to the broader community. TLS encompassing mission is:
“To make a positive difference in the lives of people in the community; adding value to the Mandir as a whole; utilizing our intellectual capital/members and temple resources to be innovative, efficient and effective in our processes, roles and duties.”

Our key TLS strengths include great team spirit, problem solving skills and good financial health. Our members are like family offering a network of support, sense of belonging and excellent devotee/guests service. Truly, TLS makes a positive difference, not only internally but in our bigger community for the greater good of our society. TLS roles and responsibilities are fulfilling with experiences both cleansing and enlightening as members contribute to society; and most importantly setting an example for our children and youths. As we continue to grow into a bigger, dynamic, high calibre, innovative team; TLS foresees bigger achievements and successes. Ultimately, TLS has the power to enhance standards, help grow the Vishnu Mandir brand; and assist this mega temple organization, to achieve its objectives of sustainability, long term growth and on-going existence; for our future generations to benefit and enjoy.