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Brihaspati Beej Mantra: How does it Change your LIFE?

Brihaspati is said to be the Guru of all the Gods that exist. Those who believe in this God and worship him, generally fast on Thursdays; it is said that if you wear yellow clothes, fast and complete your fast by eating yellow food items on Thursdays, all your wishes can come true. However, you have to do the fast with all your heart.

Nevertheless, it is not that you if you cannot fast your wishes cannot come true. This is why Mantras have always been embraced by people. Mantras have the power to change your life. All we mean to say is that if you chant Brihaspati Beej Mantra in the correct manner, there is no looking back on the struggles you have once been through in your life.

Who is Brihaspati?

Brihaspati (also pronounced as Brhaspati) is said to be planet Jupiter, according to a few medieval texts. He is said to be the Guru of all the Devas. There are a couple of medieval texts that portray him as one of the most pious sages of his time. When you take a round of Navagraha (nine planets) in any temple, Brihaspati is a part of the same.


  1. Brihaspati Beej Mantra has the power to enlighten you spiritually. We are not talking about Kundalini here, but about your path to spirituality. The more you chant the Mantra mentioned in this article, the easier your spiritual growth becomes.
  2. It is said that Brihaspati blesses an individual with wisdom and intelligence, when his Beej Mantra is chanted for the correct number of times in a span of required days.
  3. Brihaspati Beej Mantra has the power to bring luck into your life. If you have been feeling unlucky, this is the Mantra you can count upon to bring utmost changes into your life.


Om Graam Greem Graum Sah: Gurve Namah:

  1. Brihaspati Beej Mantra promises and assists spiritual growth. If you chant this Mantra, you are bound to achieve your spiritual goals.
  2. This Mantra is said to bring positive changes into your life.
  3. This Mantra eradicates the negative effects of planet Jupiter in your astrological chart.
  4. This Mantra can be chanted for a specific wish as well. Write the wish you want to be granted and read it before chanting the Mantra and after chanting it for the 108th


Step 1: Take a bath and wear yellow clothes (at least for the first day when you begin chanting).

Step 2: Place the picture of Brihaspati in front of you.

Step 3: Begin the chanting from a Thursday.

Step 4: Offer any yellow flowers to the picture of Brihaspati before you begin with the chanting.

Step 5: Now take your Jaap Maala in your hands and begin chanting. Chant the Mentioned Mantra for 108 times.

Step 6: Repeat the above process for at least a period of 21 days.



Meaning and Benefits of Dhanvantri Mantra for Health – Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha

Lord Dhanvantri

Dhanvantari is the God of healing. He is also considered as the divine physician, the doctor of the Gods. He is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the God of protection and sustenance. He is also believed to be the one, who created Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine and gave that for the benefit of the humanity. Hence, he is gratefully remembered as the God of Ayurveda.

Dhanvantri’s Depiction

Dhanvantari is shown as strong in physique, handsome in appearance, somewhat dark in complexion and wearing yellow clothes. He is four-armed, in one of which he holds a pot containing the precious Amrut, the liquid of immortality. In another hand, he holds a leech, the blood-sucking insect, which is believed to have played a crucial role in the ancient systems of medical treatment. The depictions also show him as a form of Lord Vishnu himself with his usual conch and discus, while he is also seen holding the scriptures, in some other places.


Legend of Dhanvantri

Dhanvantari was born from the ocean of milk when the same was churned by the celestial beings and the demons for getting Amrut, the nectar of immortality. After many precious things came out, Lord Dhanvantari emerged out at last in all his glory, holding in his hand a pot containing the valuable and much sought-after elixir of life. The Amrut was supposed to be shared by both the Devas and the Asuras, but Lord Vishnu had the last laugh, when he took the form of the bewitching Mohini, denied the liquid to the demons and shared it entirely with the celestials, for the good of the universe.

The great churning of the ocean and Dhanvantari coming out of it, have their spiritual connotation too, as these are said to denote the overcoming of the vices plaguing a life on earth and the soul rising above them all, towards self-realization.
Dhanvantari is said to have emerged on the day of Dhanteras which falls a few days before Diwali, the festival of lights and people worship him, primarily, on that day for their excellent health and longevity. It is to be noted that it was at the same time that Goddess Lakshmi too appeared from the ocean.

Dhanvantri Mantra — Meaning and Benefits

‘Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha’

Meaning: ‘Oh Lord Shri Dhanvantari, I bow humbly to you with prayers’ is the meaning of the mantra.

This is a simple hymn of prayer addressed to Dhanvantari.

This is a mantra for healing and chanting this daily can provide a strong cover of protection against all illnesses. It can prevent diseases, clear all forms of mental and physical disorders, and relieve one of fears and apprehensions. Its power of divine healing can increase energy level, improve vitality and provide robust health.

While this mantra can be recited any number of times and at any time of the day, it is believed that the daily chanting of this for 108 times, early in the morning before sunrise, can be highly effective in getting the blessings of the Lord. However, more the chanting better would be the benefits. Also, if someone is too ill to chant or is unable to do so for whatever reason, anyone else can do the recitation for the sake of the sick person and offer prayers on his or her behalf, and this too can have the same positive effect.

‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya
Dhanvantaraye Amrita- Kalasha Hastaaya
Sarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya
Dhanvantri Maha-vishnave Namaha’

This is another mantra dedicated to Lord Dhanvantari, which describes his form, hails his greatness, offers salutations to him and seeks his grace for destroying diseases.

‘Om tat purushaayavidmahae

This is the Gayatri mantra for Lord Dhanvantari, the recitation of which can earn for the devotees, the divine blessings of the Lord.

Shri Dhanvantari Mantra for Good Health. [ 9 repetitions ]

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