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Vishnu Mandir Staff asked 3 years ago

I noticed many people bring milk offerings for puja which contain Vitamin A palmitate and other animal derived ingredients. How can we use this milk for puja when it has dead animal in it? How is this acceptable?

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Vishnu Mandir Staff answered 3 years ago

Our forefathers honoured the tradition of offering milk symbolising pure love to the Lord.

Offerings we make to the Lord are the conveyors of our Love to the Lord. Milk is an offering that portrays our deepest love, we are from a hertiage that depended on cows for our livelihood. In the ancient times and even today a cow and ox can sustain life. In our tradition anything that sustains life is given the state of motherhood. Thus Gaay Mata. Thus our respect for cows and milk from the cows.

The milk our forefathers offered was from their very own cows. Today we carry on the tradition by offering milk we buy from the shop.

I hope this milk session helps you to understand from where the milk came.

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