Voice of Vedas

Voice of Vedas Cultural Sabha Inc. is an institution that nurtures families from Cradle to Golden Years. It comprises of Vishnu Mandir, Montessori School, Seniors Home and Global Care Outreach Program as its arms. Canadian Museum of Indian Civilization is a sister organization of Voice of Vedas Cultural Sabha Inc. Vishnu Mandir promotes peace and the message of harmony among all the religions is send through Wall of Peace. In addition, a monument in the Peace Park is dedicated to Canadian soldiers who sacrificed their lives during Canada’s peace keeping efforts. Continuing its relentless efforts for the benefit of mankind Voice of the Vedas Cultural Sabha Inc. had also launched Global Care Outreach Program in 2011. This program conceptualized and successfully launched the Doobay Medical and Research Centre in Guyana. This renal center is now treating patients on a regular basis.

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