Year End Message from VOV Executive Vice-President & President of the Laxmi Sabha – Janty Ramkumar

Tue, Dec 28, 2021

Year End Message from VOV Executive Vice-President & President of the Laxmi Sabha – Janty Ramkumar

As we quickly approach the end of the year, on behalf of the Voice of Vedas (VOV) and The Laxmi Sabha (TLS), I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for your support, dedication, persistence and resilience this past year. The Laxmi Sabha continues to prove what can be achieved in the face of pandemic and adversity and I am so proud to work with each of you! I thank you for coming out physically to work at many events be it planning, administration, cleaning, preparing, cooking, waiting, greeting, working with seniors and children, planning, organizing; as well to those working  behind the scenes and in a virtual setting. The following key success stories are because of your valued contribution:

  • Arduous work for the internal décor for Shivratri, Janamasthmi, Diwali, Yagnas, and Pujas
  • Advice on menu planning for all our VOV events, décor for fundraisers
  • Strategic planning, and execution of the digital marketing strategy
  • Administration and conducting of the virtual camps 
  • The Youth Group’s help at all events inside and outside the temple 
  • The kitchen crew for Sunday lunches; and delicious meals at all the major events 
  • Planning fundraising events for the mandir, CMIC and DMRC and disasters
  • Implementation of the Narsimha temple, the Ayurvedic Centre, extension of Balaji and the Yoga & Meditation studio.

I look forward to this continued teamwork with both the managing and operating sides in order to achieve our goals and service to the community in the year 2022. The plans for TLS in 2022 are as follows:

  • Improvement with children,  youth, seniors & community programs
  • Camp hybrid version to keep campers outside GTA
  • Wellness program – AVC, YC, Meditation, workshops
  • Peace Park warm series of joint social ventures with VOV units & outside community 
  • Grand Light up – Diwali – Festival of Lights 
  • Support other units such as CMIC, DMRC, AB, Senior Management
  • Strategic planning and implementation

Thanks to Dr. Doobay for his vision, leadership and good governance; to Mr. Misir  for providing the platform, funds and support that go into having these services and events year after year, not to mention the upgrades to the mandir to make it more beautiful and functional.

To continue to improve and be successful, we need your continued support and invite you all to start coming back physically in a safe and healthy manner. We also need additional people like you;  more hardworking, committed ladies, men and youths to be part of the VOV volunteering team. Please visit the website and fill out a volunteering form or email us at [email protected].

Stay safe, stay healthy, sanitize, wear your masks. Have a healthy, bright & prosperous New Year 2022!

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