Namashkar !
The youths of Vishnu Mandir are working diligently to make a strong and vibrant organization and to date this has been a challenging exercise. Even with a successful 2013 Youth conference ( and a food drive in 2012 the organization has not fully succeeded in attracting all the youths of the Mandir
As its primary goals the youth group will:

Educate Hindus, especially those between the ages of 18 – 34, and the community at large about Hindu history, culture, and philosophy; and
Promote the Hindu value of ‘Seva’ (selfless service to others) among young Hindus, professionals, and students in the greater community focus on education and serving the Mandir and the Hindu Community as well as Canada and to aspire and become the new leaders of tomorrow
To that end they will need some assistance and guidance and that is why we have put a team together to make their plans and ideas successful. Together we hope we will bring youths from all different communities to aspire to be Good Canadian Hindus.

Every fall we will have a food drive and we will be joining other organizations to feed the homeless and assist in the collection of winter clothing for the less fortunate

In 2014 we will again have a youth conference open to the pubic where will bring speakers and experts to discuss topics of youth interest and relevance.

We hope to encourage every youth to develop his or her skills and to maintain the tradition of keeping ourselves as successful enterprising individuals who will continue to be an asset to Canada and to Sanatan Dharma. As members and supporters of Vishnu Mandir we ask that you encourage the young minds to become members of youth group. For more info on the youth group please send your emails to and or