Meet Dr. Budhendranauth Doobay

Dr. Budhendranauth Doobay

Order of Ontario M.B.B.S., (LONDON) F.R.C.S. (ENGLAND) F.R.C.S(C),
F.R.C.S.(Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery) CANADA

Dr. Budhendranauth Doobay was born on the August 26, 1940 in the village of Welded, Berbice in Guyana to Smt. Jasodra Ji and Pt. Ramsahai Doobay Ji. His early education took place in Guyana. Secondary part of the education required travelling to the city – Georgetown by train which no longer exists today. Much of his extracurricular activities involved playing cricket, learning to read and write Hindi from his father. He was also learning the steps and mantras required to conduct Hindu Religious functions like Hanuman Puja and Satyanarayan Puja. At the tender age of thirteen he was conducting Hanuman Puja in Lusignan, a plantation in Guyana. He was loved by the people of Lusignan. Following his pre-university education he was admitted to the University of the West Indies in the island of Jamaica as a medical student. During his medical studies he formed a Hindu society and conducted weekly satsang. Upon graduating from the University of the West Indies as a medical Doctor he did his internship in Jamaica and the worked as a Doctor at the Georgetown Public Hospital. He later went to the University of London where he did the FRCS. He came back to Guyana and later immigrated to Canada where he had to redo all his medical exams and specialties. After completing his training in Cardio Vascular Surgery he started working at the Hamilton General Hospital and later became an associate Professor in the department of Cardiovascular Surgery.

From a family of Hindu Priests, he grew up in an environment that was involved in helping the less fortunate, and also in the building and running of temples in Guyana. During his Medical internship in Jamaica, he formed a society among Hindus students at the University in Jamaica. When he came to Canada he quickly responded to a need for a place of worship for Hindus. Facing prejudices against temples and Hindus he set our to integrate Hindus in the mainstream society of Canada by explaining Hinduism to Canadians and bringing elements of Canadian society in the Temple. While doing this he continues to look out for the less fortunate at home in Canada and abroad.

Through his leadership, he has helped to set up many groups dedicated to serving the South Asian community of the Greater Toronto Area, its neighbouring communities, and various international aid organizations.

Dr. Doobay is a Heart Surgeon, leader, visionary, mentor, teacher and philanthropist. He provides spiritual guidance to the peoples of East Indian decent across Canada. Having built the iconic Hindu temple at the entrance of Richmond Hill, Dr. Doobay has also been responsible for creating the one-of-a-kind Canadian Museum of Indian Civilization as well as other regional landmarks including Shanti Niketan Peace Park with Mahatma Gandhi statue and memorial to the Fallen Soldier’s. He built the Anand Bhavan – a Senior’s Home and full-time Montessori School Program – to provide Early Childhood Education., are also fruits of his vision and leadership.

Dr. Doobay has expanded his Global Outreach program with the support of the community by adopting a girls orphanage in India and an IT School in Guyana where children have benefited from the use of computers. Another Outstanding Achievement has been the establishment of the Doobay Medical Centre in Guyana which provides free dialysis to patients in need. Given Dr. Doobay’s commitment to the welfare of and good health of the community he serves, the centre is being expanded to provide much needed medical services including cardiovascular care, surgical suites, ICU, diagnostic imaging, dental and optometry clinics, along with a pharmacy.

Dr. Doobay is known and recognized worldwide for his hard work and dedication to the teachings of Hinduism. He has traveled throughout Canada to meet with leaders to help raise awareness about spirituality.

As a cardiologist and a teacher in the medical field, Dr. Doobay actively participates in educational seminars and constantly translates medical terminology into layman’s terms for the benefit of the immigrants and seniors.

We can indeed say that Voice of the Vedas Cultural Sabha Inc. is the vessel that carries his most treasured work and contribution to Indian diaspora, South East Asians and Canadians alike.

Dr. Doobay has been honored with a variety of prestigious awards including:


  • Order of Ontario
  • The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal
  • Toronto Police Service Awards
  • Citizenship of Ontario Medal.
  • Brahman Samaj Award
  • Agra Award for Volunteerism
  • Guyana Award for Leadership
  • Lifetime Outstanding Achievement by Indo Canada chamber Of Commerce


  • Founder of Federation of Hindu Temples
  • President of Encyclopedia of Hinduism Canadian Chapter.
  • President of CCH
  • Was the President of India Heritage Foundation (IHRF)
  • Chairs the committee built Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization
  • Founding Chairman of the Federation of Hindu Temples of Canada and the Canadian Council of Hindus.

With his many achievements and endeavours, Dr. Doobay continues to inspire our community to achieve their highest potential in their personal and professional lives.

Another feather on Dr. Doobay's cap

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