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The formation of the Youth Group was of great focus this year at VOV. The truth of our youth is that it has been the missing link for a couple of years. With the implementation, VOV’s vision of “Cradle to Golden Years,” is complete and inclusive. The youth today are certainly high energy and reactionary and are called by many different names such as millennials, gen X, gen Y, gen-Next etc. We at VOV must youthfully meet them in the middle as there is mutual benefit to both sides with a functional youth group at VOV. Our youths are the leaders of tomorrow and we need to gain their trust, believe in their responsibility and engage the different types of intelligences among them. For these young people ranging from ages thirteen to thirty, they have a platform, representation and mentorship. It is indeed wonderful to have Voice of the Youths at Voice of the Vedas.

VOV Youth Group

Youth Group




On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 6:03 PM Stephanie Ragganandan <[email protected]> wrote:

Namaste Dr Doobay,

I am just giving you an update on what the youth group is doing. We just confirmed with the Richmond Hill Fire Station for Saturday, we are dropping them some care packages and brunch as they are important first responders in our community. We will be going to Fire Station 8-1, however, the chief of the fire station will distribute the brunch amongst all six stations. We also have 6 food hampers that will be delivered on Sunday in the Jane and Lawrence area.

Thanks again,

Response from Dr. B. Doobay

June 5, 2020

Stephanie, I am particularly proud of you and the Youth Group.



Currently the youth group is under the Directorship of Pamela Ragganandan assisted by Stephanie Ragganandan and Brian Dharamdial. This group is committed to gain insight into our youths’ perspective, issues, action and to provide a stepping stone at VOV by getting them into the committees at VOV and having their presence at Board meetings. The goal for the next year is for the youth group to structure themselves and create their vision. The youths’ vision is to see VOV get up to speed with social media so the organization and all its events are trending. The current initiative is a food drive started at Thanksgiving ending for Diwali; and then to proceed to the Food Bank with the collection and to volunteer their time. Some areas where the youths want to be involved more, is in the temple at the altar, welcoming and ushering attendees, to be part of kirtan and fundraising events. They have also suggested workshops on mental health, physical health, image and finance as there is a strong need among young people. There is tremendous possibility if our youths’ energies are used in a positive way to train them and to keep them focus and healthy. To achieve this is to achieve sustainability for the long term and VOV will be in good hands for the future generations.



In a recent update YOUTH GROUP is busy in preparring CARE PACKAGES for seniors which includes mask, hand santizer and fruits etc. and is being delivered to their homes.

 Just recently the following email was received from one of the recipient of CARE PACKAGE:



Hello Doctor Doobay,

I have found your email on the Vishnu Mandir website. I just wanted to extend a thank you to your institution for what you are accomplishing in the community. My father received a care package this morning from the youth group, however, I do not have their email to send my regards. He was extremely happy with his masks, gloves, hand sanitizers etc. as he is now able to attend work safely. This is outstanding work that the youths have been doing and I wanted to let them know that it is greatly appreciated by myself and my family.

Take Care,

Abishana M


 Good afternoon Dr. Doobay,

 My parents received a care package from your temple’s youth group last week and we were very touched by the support your temple has provided to seniors.  This is an excellent way to unite our youth and seniors together and bridge the generational gap. The package was designed very well with valuable products that are useful during these times. Thank you to the youth group, organizers, and your leadership to execute such a thoughtful program. Regards,GV

 From: Gowthaman Vigneswaran

If you know anyone who is in need of CARE PACKAGE, please contact us at [email protected] and we will make sure that they receive the care package asap.


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