Sponsor a Meal

Benefits of sponsoring

One of the common forms of giving is “ANNA DANA” – sharing of food with others. Part of one’s religious duty (Dharma) is to offer food to any unexpected guest. The tradition is to offer food to the gods, ancestors, the mendicants and our dependents before partaking of it.

Food is the only gift that can truly satisfy the recipient. The receiver would welcome more and more of any other gift, however once the stomach is full and he is not able to take any more, the recipient is then truly satisfied.

Attitude in giving: As we give let us remember –

“All things in the universe are supported by the Spirit; all things come from the Spirit, the All-pervading God. Let us keep this thought in mind as donate our gifts”

Chandogya Upanishad

At Voice of Vedas you can sponsor a meal at 3 different times a week after the Puja at the temple.

You can send a request for sponsoring a meal.

The confirmation will be sent via email or phone. If we do not acknowledge via phone or email, your booking may not be confirmed.

The dates with GREEN colour are available, YELLOW colour are taken, and RED colour are not-available.

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