Dr. Doobay

Dr. Doobay

From a family of Hindu Priests, he grew up in an environment that was involved in helping the less fortunate, and also in the building and running of temples in Guyana. During his Medical internship in Jamaica, he formed a society among Hindus students at the University in Jamaica. When he came to Canada he quickly responded to a need for a place of worship for Hindus. Facing prejudices against temples and Hindus he set our to integrate Hindus in the mainstream society of Canada by explaining Hinduism to Canadians and bringing elements of Canadian society in the Temple. While doing this he continues to look out for the less fortunate at home in Canada and abroad.

Pdt. Bhoj Sharma

Pdt. Bhoj Sharma, Chief Priest.

Pt Bhoj Sharma came from a family of Priests in Guyana. In Guyana he was involved in the building and management of temples. He is the God Son of Dr. Doobay. In Canada he is now involved in the building, maintenance and management of the Vishnu Mandir.

Pt Bhoj is an accomplished priest who is fluent in Hindi and English and is versed in the way of worship and Puja steps as prescribed in our scriptures. He is currently training Priests in Toronto.

Pt Bhoj manages the priests and functions in the Vishnu Mandir.

Pdt. Ramesh Chandra

A versatile and knowledgeable Priest, Pt Ramesh is cable of conducting any Puja. Pt Ramesh is our North Indian Priest.

Pdt. Nataraj

Pdt. Nataraj

Natraj Ji is a Shivaacharya. Trained and worked in India under the supervision of Masters of the Agama method of worship. Natraj is versed in doing all pujas and homams. He has been with Vishnu Mandir for the last 9 years. Pt Natraj is our South Indian Priest.

Pdt. Hemnath (Avinash) Sharma

Pt Avinash Sharma is our Assistant Priest who is also versed in the performance of all Pujas. Pt Avinash is part time with the Vishnu Mandir.

Pdt. Ishwaram, Associate Priest

Pt Ishwaram a well-trained South Indian Priest is also a part time Priest with the Vishnu Mandir.

Volunteer Pandits

Pdt. Kidambi Rajagopal

Pdt. Kidambi Rajagopal, Priest Balaji

Pdt. Raghavan Madanagopalan

Pdt. Raghavan Madanagopalan, Priest Balaji

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