The Bal-Vihaar program at the Vishnu Mandir is based on Purna Vidya by Pujya Swami Dayananda’s Saraswati and is authored by Swamini Pramananda and Sri Dhira Chaitanya. The program provides a voluminous resource of learning and assimilating the basic concepts of living in a regular, systematic weekly program. Through this program, the children at the Bal-Vihaar classes learn about the Hindu cultural heritage, with a focus on living a life based on values. With the help of the Vedic literature and the study of its spiritual cultural traditions, the program offers:

  • Knowledge of universal values of life.
  • Exposure to forms of prayers and worship.

What is the need for Purna Vidya?

No educational system is complete without imparting the wisdom of living. We may receive education in Science, technology and humanities; however, an insight into living right is essential. A person who has knowledge in a particular discipline may be an informed person in that discipline, but not necessarily a person wise in making judgements in his relationships with society and the objects of the world. An education system which includes teaching in culture, heritage and human values is complete system. Purna Vidya adds this missing element of our educational system.

A new class Shishu-Vihaar for 5 years old is added to the Purna Vidya program. This class started in September 2017. The primary focus of this class is to give younger children an introduction to the Bal-Vihaar program and focus on developing their spiritual growth from a younger age.

The format of the class will consist of prayers, puja, short stories and activities. The aim will be to teach younger children the many aspects of God and the significance of each deity. The interactive class will allow the students to develop love for the Lord through Prayers and introductory Puja steps. The introduction to simple prayers will give them a foundation for pronunciation and chanting the Sanskrit mantras in higher levels.

Festivals Celebrated during the year by the Bal - Vihaar kids:

  • Navratri Children’s Garba
  • Diwali Puja,
  • Dinner and Fireworks
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Family Puja and Holi Celebration

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