The Laxmi Sabha (TLS)

The Laxmi Sabha Centre

The Laxmi Sabha (TLS) is the ladies group at Vishnu Mandir, diligently working in unison towards the enrichment of the Mandir and the overall community; supporting all the units and activities under the umbrella of Voice of Vedas (VOV), be it religious, spiritual, educational or charitable. Created since the temple’s inception in 1977, the group continues to be strong with current membership of thirty and growing. As of June 2014, Janty Ramkumar leads the group as President with Sabrina Itwarie as Coordinator. TLS proactively plans and implements programs, events and seminars such as festivals, activities for seniors, health and wellness workshops, inter-faith symposiums, summer camp, outdoor yagna, bal vihar, melas, charity walks and other fund raisers. Apart from implementing the youths’ summer camp a couple years ago, we have now revamped and form a new youth group to complete an inclusive organization vision “from cradle to golden years.” We do value youths’ relationship seeing a mutual benefit to build a strong youth group, by trusting in their responsibilities and gaining their trust; to accomplish an easy youth transition to be future leaders at VOV.

Our Mission

“To make a positive difference in the lives of people in the community; adding value to the VOV organization with each contact we make by utilizing our intellectual and resources to be innovative, efficient and effective in all our connections.”

We RIDE on our core values of “Respect, inclusivity, diversity and excellence.”

Our Vision

Our members offer a network of support, a sense of belonging and provide excellent devotee/guests services. Truly, we are here to make a positive difference both internally and externally in the bigger community and for the greater good. We feel blessed to be able to contribute to society; and most importantly as women to set a great example for our children and youths. As a high calibre, high performance team we have the power to enhance standards, help upkeep the Vishnu Mandir brand and assist this mega organization in its vision.

The Laxmi Sabha – recent events

Recently The Laxmi sabha members attend the following virtual webinar on March 6, 2020, presented by Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association. Report on the seminar will be available here soon.

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