Vishnu Mandir Staff asked 3 years ago

I am of Catholic faith, but am going through a hard time and have always been interested in Hinduism. How would one go about making the switch? Would I be able to attend a meditation or prayer? Any information would be much appreciated.

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Vishnu Mandir Staff answered 3 years ago

If you are having a hard time, do not blame your religion. All religions are pathway to self realisation.

God is within us, but this true self, the all-pervading Lord is covered by another force called Maya – illusion. Our effort is to remove the illusion and realise our self – God.

If you read and understand you Bible you will find solace and answer. It is always best to follow your way of life than to adopt that of another.

Sure you can attend a prayer or meditation session anytime.

Hope this helps you.

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