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Thank you for your response, I don’t think my question “Milk in puja” was very clear on my part…My concern is the specific bagged/packaged milk that is being used in the temple. Most of them contain Vitamin A Palmitate which comes from fish (from my understanding.) How can we use this milk in our puja when it has significant traces of dead animal in it?

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Vishnu Mandir Staff answered 3 years ago

Like I told you in the last reply – milk has been a symbol of pure love – rather a conveyor of our true love to the Lord. Milk has been incorporated in our worship from the Vedic times.

I know that the source of our milk (in North America) – the North American cows are being fed with much more than green grass and thus their milk may contain some ingredients which may not be in the milk by cows fed with only green grass.

We need milk for our puja, the steps of the puja calls for milk so we buy the milk that is available.

Now can we use milk with animal substance as per your understanding?

As per quantum physics and radio active analysis, there are molecules from the bodies of people like Julia Ceasar, Hitler etc (people dead and gone), in our bodies, so the very body that is used to pray has dead substance as per your definition.

Conclusion use the milk we can purchase to do our puja, with faith. Everything is God.

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